Family ties are precious threads, no matter where we roam, they draw us close to those we Love, and pull our hearts back home. Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Family Reunion Day Planner

Monday 26th
1.   3-4pm       Family Pictures
2.   5-6pm       Dinner and a slide show
3.  6:30pm      Talent Show
4.  8:00pm      Closing Remarks

Tuesday 27th
1. 11:00am     Brunch with Doyle & Helen Carlson
2. 12:00pm     Program
3.                    Ginger Bread house after program
4.                    Bring something for your children to do while you visit (toys, coloring books, books, group games. etc.)
5.       3pm      white elephant gift exchange
6.  3:30pm     movie
6.    5-8pm     Dinner and Dance/Karaoke
7.        8pm     Closing remarks
8.        9pm     Clean up

We will be doing a family slide show.  please send a new picture of your family and past Carlson family pictures.  (example:  fishing, parade, putting makeup on Connie pic.....)  no more than 10 please.  and need them by ASAP!  Email them to Dave Carlson    Also if you have any preference to music let Dave know.  Music from your MP3 drive etc.  send to Dave.   thx.

Please email your family T-Shirt sizes to the  So we can get you the right sizes.  thx.

If you need any help getting to the reunion or a place to stay please let Helen Carlson know.   She wants all to come and will help you in any way.   She loves you and Doyle does to.  They are excited to see everyone and glad everything is comming together.